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Hello everyone I'm fire light year and I'm gonna talk about myself. I was born in July 20th 1994 I live in Calafornia in Santa Clara I'd moved from Hillsdale to live in santa clara in 2005 i was a 4th grader 10 years old I'm 16 years old now and i am a softmore a Wilcox high school and this summer 2011 I'm gonna be 17 and ill be graduating in 2013.
Well i like playing video games like Nintendo games Pokemon playing on gaia with my friends who graduated from Wilcox last year Myst Call of duty Golden eye 007 Perfect dark Banjo kazooie Blast corps snowboard kids and other video games. I like to play with Legos and build My models and i like bionicle with that. I also like playing thier Video games. Also i like singing and i go to my band practice buchser middle school where i gradrated from I like anime like Hanamaru kindergarten Toradora! Pokemon FLCL Black butler Kore wa zombie IS infinate startos Transformers animated and AMV Hell.i like be out for some fresh air go on vacatins like New york city and be with my friends and play sports. I like movies and TV shows such as Wall-e Star wars Matillda Men in black 1 and 2 The Karate Kid and their sequels and 2010 remake Home alone and their sequels The Sandlot Aladdin princess and the frog beauty and the beast Tangled Toy story trillogy The jungle book Transformers Avatar Alien movie series Harry potter movie series The goonies and Willy wonka and the chocolate factory and James bond 007. And now the TV shows i like i like The Simpsons Glee 24 Codename Kids next door The fresh prince of bel air Family guy saterday night live All that Kenan and Kel Rugrats Inspector gadget Animaniacs Hey Arnold. Also i like the Muppets along with that sesame street.And my favorite childhood thing is Thomas the tank engine. And I'm really looking for friends who can play on WI-FI so give me a shout if you want to pokemon games with me on wi-fi here are my friend codes including my friends from preschool who may have facebook or gaia accounts
Game: Pokemon platinum
Name: Ash
FC: 3051 6289 9875

Game: Pokemon Heartgold
Name: Jdiandy
FC: 1892 3422 5390
also i will be getting pokemon black this following March
I have "Trainz 2010" and "Call of Duty Black ops" running on Intel HD graphics 3000 and when everytime I try to play it, I can't even get it up to 60 FPS due to the integrated video card on my laptop and it keeps going slow.

Here are my specs

Brand: Samsung.

Model: RC-512 - W02

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

CPU: Intel Core i5 2410 M

LCD: 15.6" LED HD (16:9, Gloss)

V Ram: Shared

Memory: It was 4 gig at first now it is 8 gig.

HDD: 500G

ODD: Super Multi Dual Layer (SATA)

WIRED: 16b lan

COMMIC 802.11 ag/n + Wimax

Color: Black

And I was trying to find alternatives just to avoid getting a new computer but some the alternatives that I tell and try to prove to my Father doesn't apply to him. I wanted this HIS Multiview+sound USB adapter which supports Directx10 and 11 but his dudes at work said it's just a video converter not a video card adapter. (I know PCs can have 2 video cards.) It will do the same on my motherboard if I use it with a HDMI monitor or TV it's still gonna do the same if it's used on the laptop. Also I wanted to try the Vidock series (Which is a enclosure for you video PCIs for portable use.) the one that is PCI express that uses a Express card. (Which I don't have.) But I found a Express card port USB adapter to plug it in. (Because it requires you to plug it in the a Express card port.) Also Dad revoked the solution and told me that it has protocols to go through the system and he said something that it could damage my computer and it cost alot of money. Plus I don't have a HDMI monitor which sucks more. I was only wanting to play this era of PC games which the new state of the art realistic High definition. *Sigh.* I know I'm exaggerating a bit about this obsolete technology we are still using today but I know I want to get into new stuff by using the technology we still have in our hands. On the left side of our head our technology we are still out there using for internet and video games are getting old everyday. I why do I have to be the Black sheep of to this era by one of my folks telling that these won't do well and will break my system without even proving it to them ? This is my only chance to play these popular Steam FPS, Fighting games, and train simulator games that anyone is playing at this age. (And so expensive too.) And by going by the rules by the system requirements.

Now if I wanted to play these games now with out these devices or a tower computer or desktop. I would do the same thing on a DOSbox SVN emulated Windows 95 B. Where I get this Voodoo 3Dfx. (Way before Nividia and Geforce and Directx 11.) Go into a program that is like "Add new system or hardware" click on "Have disk" go to the dll or inf of the video card and select it and it installs into my computer. So comment me if you know all about computer graphics PCIs, integrated HD directx 11 and what you can do to help me out of this situation of what I am in right now.
  • Listening to: A cruel angel's thesis
  • Playing: Windows 95
  • Drinking: Coke zero

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