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Kill la kill 2 We GOTTA get MAKO back ! Poster by firelightyear
Kill la kill 2 We GOTTA get MAKO back ! Poster
Just for me to celebrate by finishing "Kill la kill" in English ever since I got vol.1 on my 20th Birthday, I thought this would be for laughs. Which would be inspired by Unklejoe's "We GOTTA get SPONGEBOB back!" I saw on youtube…; except it would be "We GOTTA get MAKO back !" The reason I choose Mako is because of this theory that Nui Harime was Mako in the ending by the look of the back pack and pink dress that this marks that there will be a second season/sequel, Where the real Mako is somewhere to be found.…

Either way this like some funny way to celebrate me finishing "Kill la kill" in English by making a funny fan sequel with some inspiration.

Kill la kill is originally made by studio TRIGGER (C) (The same people that made the hit animated movie "Little witch Academia") and distributed by Aniplex in Japan.

Inspiration (C) Unklejoe
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Hello anime fans of Santa Clara/San Jose CA I am a anime fan that lives in Santa Clara, California USA. And I have been a  anime, video game, movie and cosplay fan since 2010. I graduated from Wilcox high school that has a anime club (A anime club that knows Fanimecon very well.) I used to go to very often back then 2 years ago (Class of 2013.) (Wilcox high school to me was a fun experience to me they had clubs I always liked the anime club it was a fun little anime club where we can talk with people and watch some anime and it made me feel what is like to escape the American culture and how better it is than the American culture.) I started feeling sad and lonely that I had to graduate and I have to go to a adult ed school and I was very loney because I always want to watch anime with other people that are   Does anyone have more anime and cosplay clubs in colleges, universities or public places in non-sketchy places like libraries (That alot of anime fans at my age that go to when they don't have work every weekend.), anime stores or comic book shops in Santa Clara besides part of the fanimecon organization in the area that happens once a week (Like on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or any other day like around 3:30pm not too early and late ?) I am getting the feeling that "Nameless anime" (The only club that I go to on the Second Saturday of every month.) does not have enough anime/cosplay fans at my age there and I am the only one that is like 20 years old there. Well I do go to one club that shows anime and has video games that is at West valley college and have people at my age there, but still not enough. But when I graduate from my adult ed school and have to my work training site (The place of the name and what they do there is kinda personal to me.) that ends a 5:30 pm I won't be able to go to Video games and animation club any more.

If you go to a college, university, or a public place that is not in a sketchy rundown street like a library that has alot of members at my age that don't go to work on the weekends and stores that sell anime and manga and comic book stores around the Santa Clara or San jose California area that has a anime club or a Cosplay club, Please leave a comment, Note me, and add me on watch list.


United States
Hello everyone I'm fire light year and I'm gonna talk about myself. I was born in July 20th 1994 I live in Calafornia in Santa Clara I'd moved from Hillsdale to live in santa clara in 2005 i was a 4th grader 10 years old I'm 16 years old now and i am a softmore a Wilcox high school and this summer 2011 I'm gonna be 17 and ill be graduating in 2013.
Well i like playing video games like Nintendo games Pokemon playing on gaia with my friends who graduated from Wilcox last year Myst Call of duty Golden eye 007 Perfect dark Banjo kazooie Blast corps snowboard kids and other video games. I like to play with Legos and build My models and i like bionicle with that. I also like playing thier Video games. Also i like singing and i go to my band practice buchser middle school where i gradrated from I like anime like Hanamaru kindergarten Toradora! Pokemon FLCL Black butler Kore wa zombie IS infinate startos Transformers animated and AMV Hell.i like be out for some fresh air go on vacatins like New york city and be with my friends and play sports. I like movies and TV shows such as Wall-e Star wars Matillda Men in black 1 and 2 The Karate Kid and their sequels and 2010 remake Home alone and their sequels The Sandlot Aladdin princess and the frog beauty and the beast Tangled Toy story trillogy The jungle book Transformers Avatar Alien movie series Harry potter movie series The goonies and Willy wonka and the chocolate factory and James bond 007. And now the TV shows i like i like The Simpsons Glee 24 Codename Kids next door The fresh prince of bel air Family guy saterday night live All that Kenan and Kel Rugrats Inspector gadget Animaniacs Hey Arnold. Also i like the Muppets along with that sesame street.And my favorite childhood thing is Thomas the tank engine. And I'm really looking for friends who can play on WI-FI so give me a shout if you want to pokemon games with me on wi-fi here are my friend codes including my friends from preschool who may have facebook or gaia accounts
Game: Pokemon platinum
Name: Ash
FC: 3051 6289 9875

Game: Pokemon Heartgold
Name: Jdiandy
FC: 1892 3422 5390
also i will be getting pokemon black this following March
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